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Dr.Anand Mohan Pappu

Faculty, Art Of Living

When I moved to Bangalore for work, I wanted to learn Kannada simply because the local language would help me communicate and integrate better with the community. But, learning a new language definitely takes time and dedication. And time is something that I didn’t have. Under these circumstances, online language classes by Vidyamruth helped me a lot. I highly recommend these classes which are available online 24/7 enabling me to learn at my own pace.

Mrs. Aarti Joshi

Parent of Rohin who used Vidyamruth services

We found Vidyamruth just in time. My son Rohin could not keep up with Kannada lessons and was falling behind at school. After joining Vidyamruth Rohin improved dramatically. He not only understood the language but also scored an A+ in school! I highly recommend Vidyamruth to anyone who wishes to learn Kannada.

Mr.Guruminder and Mrs.Bhupinder

Parents of Pranith who used Vidyamruth services

After living for more than 10 years in Pune, we shifted to Bangalore. Our elder son studying in 6th standard had to suddenly learn a new language - Kannada. We were completely unfamiliar with this language. Our son was finding it difficult to answer his class tests in Kannada. We were really struggling to find a solution to the problem - until we learned of Vidyamruth. We were pleasantly surprised to notice the pace at which our son started picking up the language. Infact, very soon, in one class test he scored nine out of ten in Kannada. Mrs Anupama, the force behind VIDYAMRUTH Classes, was solely responsible for this turnaround. We are very satisfied with her teaching and would highly recommend her to any parent who is looking for Kannada classes for their children.

Mr.Sudip Saha

Software Professional

You have been staying outside India, and your kids are born and brought up there and now you plan to relocate to Bengaluru/ Karnataka. Most of the schools in Bengaluru offer Kannada as mandatory subject. Coping with new language in short time is a challenge for kids as well as for parents. Vidyamruth has solution for you. Vidyamruth’s Read and Write course in Kannada is a perfect help for such students. I recommend the same to people in such situation.

Mrs.Vidyha Balakrishnan

Financial Markets Specialist

I am a working mother in Bengaluru and my mother tongue is Malayalam. It is a nightmare for parents like me to teach Kannada to their kids. But it need not be a nightmare, it can indeed be a wonderful journey of learning a new language, both for you and for your child. Vidyamruth’s teaching method is natural. At first you just listen, and then slowly increase the pace before finally getting to reading and then writing. I highly recommend Vidyamruth for learning Kannada, it will definitely help the kids in school and will also help the parent to learn a new language.