Vidyamruth  is a combination of two Sanskrit words: ‘Vidya’ meaning right knowledge and ‘amruth’ meaning immortality. We believe that language gives the person the knowledge and acceptance and enables integration into a community. With the world becomming a global village, the need of the hour is to be able to communicate in multiple languages.Finding a professional language teacher in the neighbourhood might be a difficulty and Vidyamruth fills this gap by bringing in the classes online, thereby offering you the convenience of learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home. We at Vidyamruth wish you a very enriching learning experince.
Our mission:
To make the learning of Indian languages accessible, convenient and effective.
Who can benefit from Vidyamruth:
If you have moved to a different region away from your native, and wish to learn the language of that region, then you have landed at the right place.We welcome students of all ages from all walks of life. Whether you are a working professional who wish to negotiate better with an auto driver, a housewife interested in communicating better with maid,  a school student struggling with third language, a businessman working with local clients or someone keen to impress their friends: Vidyamruth caters to everyone. You could choose to learn at your own pace using our e-modules, or you could sign up for contact hours with our team or try a mix of both.
Our team:
The small team at Vidyamruth started out taking free classes to help out friends and neighbours trying to learn Kannada. Passion for teaching, a genuine love of the language and years of experience have resulted in the creation of these online modules today.

We teach language differently and effectively !

Vidyamruth is determined to make day-to-day communication easier with innovative teaching concepts and effective program structures. We tackle everyday language challenges by implementing our LISTEN AND LEARN methodology for the best outcome. We emphasize on students getting used to the language and meanings of common words before getting to the rigor of grammar. This is a proven methodology that Vidyamruth has customized and perfected  with several students.

Our course structure / methodology:
Vidyamruth follows a definitive and certain methodology in tackling the learning of a new language. We concentrate on the ‘action words’, and basic situations to help deal with day-to-day requirements before getting to the intrinsic grammar part.

With our customized modules broken down into various levels of learning, we have several students that vouch for our simple teaching methodology. 
Backed with immense experience, customized programs have been developed to bring out the use and feel of the language instead of mere knowing of the language. Vidyamruth consciously makes an effort to bring in those elements which we frequently require than learning for the sake of it, emphasising more on a structured framing of sentence and the practical use of the learning. 
The above is accomplished through new ways of teaching, concentrating on building vocabulary by a new approach of making students to LISTEN AND LEARN.The courses are also followed by interesting exercises, workshops, worksheets and evaluations.